girl in cotton

St George Cotton Grower's Association

The association:

The St George Cotton Growers Association deals with industry issues, co-ordinates training and information sessions for members and promotes the cotton industry in the local area.
1991 saw the introduction of Associate members to the association. Associate members are from the service industries and their involvement has seen a wider distribution of information on industry issues and an increased knowledge pool from which to draw.

Our Goals:
. to improve the public perception of our industry
. to promote the awareness of cotton growers supporting the community
. to enhance community and tourist awareness of the importance of the cotton industry in the development of St George
. to promote the opportunities for school leavers within the cotton industry
. to provide excellent management information for growers and promote industry networks
. to promote Cotton Growers in looking after waterways
. to promote industry education for growers and the general public

How we service our members:

The association keeps it's members informed on industry issues and represents them at meetings. Also organises information and training sessions for members and their partners. It organises support of community events.

Our Committment to the Surrounding Community:

The association supports various community events such as the Fishing Competition, Band Tours and Cotton Race Days through sponsorship. Also implementation of the Business Plan will see planting of trees on the aproaches to town and possibly the construction of a child proof fence around play ground on the river bank. Shade sails and picnic tables have been constructed on the river bank and a mural depicting the cotton industry through the ages has been erected in town. The association is planning a filed day on a cotton farm for all the year 5, 6 and 7 students at the school in town.

Information supplied by Johnelle Rogan